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Monstrous Regiment
The Colour of Magic
The word 'fat' could not honestly be applied to him, not when the word 'gross' was lumbering forward to catch your attention.
(Sgt Jackrum)

Women swung only their hips, young men swung everything from the shoulders down.

Polly was no expert in these matters but she thought she recognised the stylish, flamboyant pose as the one beginners used just before they’re stabbed through the heart by a more experienced fighter.

It took a special kind of man, Polly reflected, to cut his sword hand with his own sword.
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic The Light Fantastic
Equal Rites Equal Rites
Mort Mort
Sourcery Sourcery
Wyrd Sisters Wyrd Sisters
Pyramids Pyramids
Guards! Guards! Guards! Guards!
Eric Eric
Moving Pictures Moving Pictures
Reaper man Reaper Man
Witches abroad Witches Abroad
Small gods Small gods
Lords and Ladies Lords and Ladies
Men at Arms Men at Arms
Soul music Soul Music
Interesting times Interesting Times
Maskerade Maskerade
Feet of clay Feet of Clay
Hogfather Hogfather
Jingo Jingo
The last continent The Last Continent
Carpe Jugulam Carpe Jugulam
The fifth elephant The Fifth Elephant
The truth The Truth
Thief of time Thief of Time
The last hero The Last Hero
Night watch Night Watch
The wee free men The Wee Free Men
A hat full of sky A Hat Full of Sky
Monstrous Regiment Monstrous Regiment
Going Postal Going Postal
Thud Thud