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Going Postal
The Colour of Magic
“It’s me, sir, Daniel ‘One drop’ Trooper. I am your executioner for today, sir. Don’t you worry, sir, I’ve hanged dozens of people. We’ll soon have you out of here.”

“I commend my soul to any god who can find it”

“If at any time in this interview you feel you wish to leave, you have only to step through that door and you will never hear from me again.
Moist filed that under ‘deeply suspicious’

Moist saw that the figure had a beard of the short bristled type that suggested that its owner had been interrupted halfway through eating a hedgehog.

It is wrong to judge by appearance. Despite his expression, which is that of a piglet having a bright idea, and his mode of speech, which might put you in mind of a small, breathless, neurotic but ridiculously expensive dog, Mr Horsefry might well have been a kind, generous and pious man. In the same way, the man climbing out of your window in a strip jumper, a mask and a great hurry might merely be lost on the way to a fancy-dress party, and the man in the wig and robes at the focus of the courtroom might only be a transvestite who wandered in out of the rain. Snap judgements can be so unfair.

The world was blessedly free of honest men, and wonderfully full of people who believed they could tell the difference between an honest man and a crook.

The Colour of Magic
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